The Sailor Knot
The Sailor Knot

The Sailor Knot

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The sailor's knot was used to symbolize a sailor's love for the loved ones left at home when they sailed to sea. These knots were woven by sailors as keepsakes for their beloved. They did it by interlacing two knots, which came to symbolize friendship, harmony, affection, and of course, a long and lasting love.

This hand poured soy wax sailor knot is perfect for a home with a beach vibe. It is also a wonderful favour to give for a party or event celebrating love. 

This candle is hand-poured and can be customized.

All Billington And Queens Candles are hand-poured and therefore may have slight imperfections and colour variations; truly hand made.

WARNING: Please visit Billington And Queens-Candle Care Page before using.