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Billington And Queens

Dendritic Jasper

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Dendritic Jasper the 'Stone of the Mind', has a strong connection to the brain and its workings such as the mind, both inner and outer.

Jasper overall is a stone that works on improving the self both inner and outer, so that a better future is ahead all round. It lifts the spirit, stimulates and balances energy centres, encourages positive natures and heals in many ways. Dendritic Jasper is a stone that brings clarity of mind and sharp thinking. It is very good for writers and inventors. It is a stone that encourages creativity and idealistic thinking.

Dendritic Jasper can be used to calm and sort the mind at times when it seems to have into ‘over drive’, bringing focus, easing frustration and clearing up scattered minds.

Because of their embodiment of nature, dendritic jasper properties provoke sharp mental clarity and quick thinking, making them hot commodities for artists, writers, inventors, and creative types.