Everyone wants to have a moment of peace.
Carving out time and space is next to impossible. There is always something you 'should' be doing; the gym, school, family, friends, lessons, work...you name it! Life gets so incredibly busy that self care is usually the first thing to get dropped off the 'To Do' list. Burn out can show itself through so many different mental and physical effects. 
What you really needed is self care...

"Billington And Queens was created by me, Chandra Martin, a mother of three, former hairstylist, struggling with different mental health issues my entire life. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and depression. Life with my diagnosis has made it hard to keep jobs, interests, hobbies...you name it.

In February of 2021 I knew that I needed to figure out a way to provide for my family while doing something that would have a positive effect on my mental health. One morning I dropped my kids off at school, walked over to my neighbourhood library and grabbed any crafting book that caught my eye. That day I was reminded of a past memory.

*flashback to my childhood in Niagara On The Lake, during my lunch hour in elementary school I would walk downtown. At that time there was a small shop that would make candles, dip them in different colours, carve them, hang them to dry and voila! something beautiful was made. It was entrancing for me, it was artistic, calming and best of all it made me feel happy.*

That day I brought home a book that had a section about how to pour candles. I developed a love of pouring soy wax candles and decided that if something made me feel this good, then I wanted to share it with others.

Enter, Billington And Queens.

I started off candle pouring but I quickly found many other creative outlets including sewing, pouring concrete, developing bath and body products etc. I want to promote self care and prove to other women in my community that you don't just have to "struggle" with mental health issues, but you can thrive and create and be an entrepreneur with them!

I want to help other people feel good with my products. I want my products to give people little moments of peace, happiness, self care!

Setting a table with beautiful hand poured concrete coasters, lighting a candle that fills your house with an intoxicating scent, letting some stress off after work by tying your hair off your shoulders with a hand sewn scrunchie, setting 15 minutes aside for yourself using a relaxation package, all of these things are so simple...but so good!"

You deserve happiness, you deserve little moments, you deserve self care.

- Self Care Is Not Selfish -