I am a mom of three children. Anyone at home with their kids knows time is limited and sometimes you just want some thing that is your own; a moment, some space, a shower!

 Carving out time and space for myself is next to impossible during this strange COVID-19 lockdown. A home has become the gym, the school, the restaurant, the music studio, the office...you name it! What women really need is some self care...

 Not allowed to go to the beach, have ladies nights, visit family and friends. The burn out from so many lockdowns is now showing through mental and physical effects. So many people are craving some tlc or to go to a destination other than their computer or backyard !

Enter, Billington And Queens Self Care Products. A simple idea that solved my self care challenge. If you still have a busy work schedule, you might get a couple short breaks or a lunch hour. If you are a parent then you know that the only free time is after you put the kids to sleep are precious because you. During those fleeting moments you might want to squeeze in a bath, shower, nap...but it certainly wont be a relaxing one!

'Take Me To' Packages can make you feel like you're walking a sandy beach, wandering through the lavender fields in France or floating through the clouds on your way to a far off destination.

Setting the table with lovely coasters and hand poured candles please all the senses while making the house look and smell lovely.

I want to share these beautiful products with you, so that you can give yourself the self care you deserve and also share them with your friends, mothers, sisters, brothers, loved ones, employees, patients, clients. Women deserve and need some self care without feeling selfish for doing so!