Self Care

Close your eyes; picture yourself setting the bath water at the perfect temperature, dimming the lights while you strike a match, igniting the most intoxicatingly scented candle. Lift your hair off your shoulders with that silky hand sewn scrunchie, while breathing deeply and embracing all the positive energies from the crystals placed on your countertop. Reach for the perfect rose and hymilayan salt bathbomb that is displaying itself so beautifully in your poured concrete healing hands. all of these things are so simple...but make a bath not just a bath, but a self care experience.

You deserve happiness, you deserve little moments, you deserve self care.

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A Little Self Care Goes A Long Way.


Self Care Is Not Selfish

I believe you are strong, even when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe you are beautiful even when you cannot see it. I believe that you are perfection even with your flaws. I believe you are deserving of self care even when you feel you are not.

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